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This screw conveyor is designed to transport loose bulk material such as flour, animal feed, and cereal grains between two points. This conveyor usually comes with factory-installed motor but you can also purchase it without the motor.

The screw conveyor is designed both for small farms and large grain processing plants. The diameter of the screw conveyor depends on the volume that is intended to be processed.

The conveyors with the smallest diameter are ideal for small farms, larger diameters are best for larger-scale farmers, and maximum diameter is suitable for grain processing plants.

Technical details:

Diameter, mm 130 150 200 250 300
Length (L), m* 1–12 1–12 1–12 1–12 1–12
Capacity, t/h up to 10 up to 20 up to 30 up to 40 up to 50
Motor, kW 1,1–4 1,1–5 1,1–9 1,1–11 1,5–15

* The length of the conveyor is not subject to any limitations. Different lengths are available, for example 5.5 m, 7 m, 9.6 m, etc.

When selecting a motor for the conveyor, technologists always take account of the conveyor’s length. The capacity is regulated by the valve through which the grains are fed to the conveyor. For customers who want to control the capacity of the conveyor, our technologists will offer an appropriate reducer or frequency converter.

The chassis will make it easier to move the screw conveyor from one location to another. For an easier loading and unloading process, we recommend purchasing a conveyor with a hopper which will facilitate the transfer of bulk material to a desired storage location.

We also offer screw conveyors with hydraulic motors. This type of conveyor is mounted on a trailer and can be operated without power supply. This is particularly convenient while working in open fields.

Technical details:

Diameter, mm 150–200
Length (L), m 5
Capacity, t/h up to 20

All of our equipment is certified and meets the European Union requirements, which makes the use of EU funds available for purchase.

We also offer repair services for different types of conveyors.


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