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For light and bulk materials

Belt conveyors are custom made to fit specific customer needs and requirements. Prior to the start of the manufacturing process, our technologists seek to find out the customers’ needs, for example, the type of products that will be conveyed, the place where the products will be stored, etc. The conveyor width is selected based on specific requirements and can range between 40 and 100 cm. There are no length limitations and the capacity of the conveyor will depend on the power of your drive motor.

If you want to change the transfer volume settings, we can develop a system that would allow you to regulate the speed of the conveyor.

For heavy products

This belt conveyor is designed for transporting coal, bricks, construction waste, and other materials.

The conveyor has a reinforced structure with a special reinforced belt for loading products.

The capacity of this type of conveyor depends on the power of the motor and the conveyor speed. Its width ranges between 40 and 100 cm and there are no length limitations.

You will be able to change the transfer volume using the conveyor speed adjustment mechanism.


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